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October 22nd, 2008 by admin in Uncategorized

DOT Meeting Update: October 14, 2008

At the DOT meeting the following topics were discussed:

Tilcon will be working Friday night and will be shutting off water to the Town Hall complex from 2200-0400 hours. Emergency services have been notified and Tilcon will provided a portable facility similar to the last time. There will be Officers at the job site to assist and maintain emergency access at the complex.

Tilcon will begin paving as early as next week along Rt. 7 where the roadway is prepped. This includes in front of town Hall down to Wolfpit. It also includes the Olmstead hill intersection.

Tilcon will tend to some new pot holes in the Wolfpit to Deerfield area of Rt. 7. They will also fix the hump near cannon Rd.

Tilcon will need to realign Rt. 33 Ridgefield Rd. which will eliminate the WB left turn lane into Center St. This is required and is part of the DOT plan.

Tilcon will be working tending to the Wolfpit Rd. intersection in an attempt to realign that intersection particularly the SB lanes. They will try to get two SB lanes to help traffic flow. It will eventually be necessary to move traffic to the West so they can reconstruct the NB lanes.

The line painters will be here on Thursday or Friday of next week to repaint the Rt. 33 traffic shift and touch up the entire job area before the winter.

Once the areas are paved, Tilcon will move traffic more East in the Pimpewaug area and will also allow for more shoulder room making it easier for emergency vehicles and DOT plows. The smaller bridge will not be ready until next year and will have narrow lanes for the duration.

I requested that Tilcon continue to inform the Emergency services especially the WFD when restricting the South driveway.

The new traffic lights will not be installed and operational until next year.

Tilcon will be laying off for the Winter for at least three weeks starting December 15th. Work will continue the second week of January weather permitting.

The WHS can reinstall their main sign by the driveway since the sidewalks are in. Mary Channing was at the meeting and is aware.

Tilcon was a huge help with Minks to Sinks and other organizations. They have been very accommodating with the Tennis Court area. They have kept it clear and smoothed the surface area for those events. They also loaned as many cones needed to help them with their events. I personally thanked them for their assistance.

Next meeting will be on 10-28-08.

Respectfully submitted,

Lt. John P. Lynch

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